7 Items to Pack for a Great Day on Your Boat

7 Items to Pack for a Great Day on Your Boat

Pursuit S 328 and S 368 shown in shallow waters in the Bahamas

We all love spending time on the water. Whether you’re fishing, swimming, diving, hanging out at the sand bar or just cruising, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect day onboard. To help you prepare, here’s our list of the 9 items to pack for a great day on your boat.

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  1. Pursuit Floating Key Tag

    Floating Key Tags

    There’s no quicker way to ruin a great day on the water than to accidentally donate one or all of your keys to Poseidon.

    To help you ensure that the only thing at the bottom of the ocean is the creatures that live there, we’ve designed a floating Pursuit key tag so that even if your keys somehow end up overboard, it’s not the end of your fun.

    Our Pursuit floating oval key tag has a gold beaded chain and is 100% made in the USA. Constructed from premium materials, including closed-cell foam rubber with a high-end vinyl coating, it’s then dipped and coated on all sides for a finish that matches the quality of your Pursuit boat.

    Even if you already have a key float, the Pursuit Floating Key Tag is the perfect replacement for your old, faded, worn-out key float. Treat your keys to the Pursuit key tag and do your console proud.

    Available now for $3.75


  2. Pursuit Tervis 16-oz Tumbler

    Tervis 16oz Tumbler

    When the fish are biting and you’re fighting a catch, the last thing you want to worry about is knocking over a fragile cup, glass or bottle. This custom Pursuit branded 16-oz tumbler is made from polycarbonate - the same material as bulletproof glass - so you can be sure that it’s ready to take the knocks on board.

    Manufactured by Tervis, this 16-oz Pursuit tumbler is double-walled, impact-resistant and won’t shatter. As an added bonus, they also don’t retain tastes or odors.

    Keep your drink cool or hot, and enjoy your time on your boat without any hassles from a breakable drinks holder.

    Tervis tumblers are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. They’re proudly made in America and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

    Secure your drink now for only $15.75


  3. Pursuit Striped Canvas Tote

    Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 2.07.15 PM

    Coco Chanel is quoted as having once said, ‘The best things in life are free. The second best are very, very expensive’. We disagree.

    Sometimes, the best thing in life is actually a luxurious cotton tote to stylishly get all your stuff from the house or car to the boat.

    The Pursuit Striped Canvas Tote meets that brief. It’s made from durable cotton canvas and features a large main compartment with a zippered enclosure to safely store all of your stuff. In the front, there’s a slash pocket for smaller items.

    The bag has a nautically-themed navy and off-white color scheme. Its webbed handles have been specially reinforced to ensure that your bag is as tough as your boat is, and a pair of antique-style brass rivets on each side provide a charming nautical touch that beautifully finishes the overall look off.

    Carry stuff in style & comfort for $30.00


  4. A Pursuit Cap to keep the sun at bay

    Cotton Linen Snap Back Cap Lightweight Cotton Seersucker Cap

    Keep the sun off your most important asset with one of our exclusive Pursuit Caps.

    Available in a variety of colors and styles for men and women, Pursuit Caps are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable for hours of effortless wear.

    All of our caps are branded with tasteful Pursuit branding, so you can make a subtle, stylish statement about your love for the Pursuit brand.

    Save your skin from sunburn for between $23 and $35


  5. Pursuit Fendersox

    HTM2 Fendersox

    Fenders are there to take a beating, but aside from physical knocks, they can leave physical scuffs on your shiny Gelcoat.

    To prevent that from happening, while also giving your fenders a stylish new lease on life, we recommend our Pursuit Fendersox.

    Available in two standard sizes, Pursuit Fendersox covers are made with premium-grade 5mm closed-cell neoprene, providing a soft barrier between the fender itself and your gleaming boat.

    Each Fendersox is black with white Pursuit branding on and they’re guaranteed to make your Pursuit boat look even more awesome in the marina or at the dock.

    Fendersox are proudly made in America and are specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. They’re sun & abrasion resistant and waterproof. If they get dirty, simply throw them in the washing machine! And they’re backed by the manufacturer's 60 day ‘on-the-water’ guarantee and two-year warranty, for complete peace of mind. 

    Cover your fenders from $80.


  6. Navy/Grey/White Pursuit Spinnaker Towel

    Navy/Grey/White Spinnaker Towel

    A beach towel is an essential item to pack for a day on the boat.

    Even if you’re not planning on getting in the water, a good towel is a must-have for comfortable sunbathing. A rolled-up towel can also make a great improvised pillow for sunbathing!

    If your tired towel is due for replacement, consider picking up a stylish Pursuit beach towel. Featuring black, grey and white stripes and made from thick terry cloth for maximum absorption, it’s the perfect companion for any day on the boat.

    A subtle Pursuit brand can be found embroidered on one end, too.

    Dry off or sunbathe in comfort for $41.25


  7. Igloo Terrain Cooler

    IGLOO Terrain Cooler

    If your boat doesn’t already have a cooler or refrigerator on board, then a cooler is one of those especially essential items to pack for a day on the boat.

    Whether you’re packing snacks for the kids or beverages for adults, it’s really important to have a cooler that is capable of accommodating all of your immediate needs as well as being big enough to store everything that needs to go inside.

    The Pursuit branded Igloo Terrain cooler is a large, high-quality cooler with enough capacity for up to 44 cans or loads of food, or a bit of both! There’s a carabiner bottle opener for maximum convenience, an EVA molded base to ensure it holds its shape and a top hatch that provides easy access to your drinks or food.

    A shoulder strap and a pair of handles make it easy to carry the cooler all the way across the dock, and zippered openings allow for safe carriage and easy access when required.

    Keep your drinks cool for $85.


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