Pursuit Owner Interview with Nadia Bohlman - S 408

Pursuit Owner Interview with Nadia Bohlman - S 408

Pursuit S 408 Cha-Ching

Boating fanatic Nadia Bohlman is the real deal. Having been raised on the water, it wasn’t long before she owned her first boat - before she had a driver’s license or even a car!

Today, after a lifetime of owning boats of various sizes, types and from various brands, she’s chosen to enjoy her retirement with her husband Bill Lutch, on board ‘Cha Ching’, their Pursuit S 408. But as we were about to find out when we sat down with them, Cha Ching will not be the last chapter the couple writes of their boating ownership history!

Destination: Florida

Nadia attributes her lifetime love affair with boats and the sea, to her father who was an avid yachtsman. “We did a lot of cruising together on an old Matthews 42,” she recalled.

As an adult, she married another avid sailor with whom she cruised the eastern seaboard, before the couple relocated to Florida in the 1990s.

In true Floridian style, the couple moved on to owning several powerboats from well-known local manufacturers. Unusually, despite the boats they owned having been built primarily for fishing, her late husband wasn’t interested in that kind of boating. “He wasn’t a fisherman; he was a destination cruiser,” said Nadia. “Unfortunately, he passed away young.”


Landing the big catch

After weathering the storm of the loss of her first husband, Nadia later met her current hubby and fellow boating enthusiast Bill Lutch.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Bill was an executive in a successful construction company before deciding to work his way down to Florida where he hoped to properly fulfill his lifetime love affair with boats. “I’ve been on the water since I was a teen,” he revealed, saying. “I’ve owned a variety of boats from various manufacturers prior to owning the Pursuit today.”

Bill retired soon after he reached Florida, and having since met Nadia, the couple were now poised for some of their best boating adventures together. But first, it was time to go shopping for a new boat.


In Pursuit of comfort

Nadia and Bill

Coming into their relationship, Nadia and Bill each already owned boats - Nadia owned a 28’ Pursuit and Bill, a 42’ boat from another manufacturer. But Nadia wanted something a little more luxurious for the couple to spend their time on. “I was looking for a boat with a little more creature comforts!” she admitted. The couple soon found themselves at a local Pursuit boats dealer, Caribee Boat Sales, where a surprise was in store. “There was a Bentley blue boat sitting on a trailer, brand new, fully loaded, all by itself in the yard,” said Nadia. “As we walked into the sales yard, I asked about it. It was the new (at the time) 2017 Pursuit S 408 and it was love at first sight!”

A trade-in of Nadia’s Pursuit was arranged, and the new S 408 was welcomed into Bill and Nadia’s family.


Money can buy happiness

cha ching-1

The new boat was christened with a fun and unusual name that we simply had to ask the couple about. ‘Cha Ching’ had been used on the couple’s previous boats and according to Bill, its explanation is simple: “Did you ever see a boat that didn’t cost money?” he asked, laughing heartily. “It’s especially true when you fish tournaments!”

Nadia credits Bill with igniting her passion for fishing. “He got me into fishing,” she admitted, but explained that the couple uses Cha Ching for an impressively wide variety of activities. “We love fishing, but there isn’t one particular activity that I’d choose over the others that we enjoy doing on the boat. We’ve had family outings, we’ve gone fishing, chartered it and even donated it for charity rides; it’s been an all-round boat. We try to do a lot of overnighters though where we go for a cruise, have dinner, stay overnight and move on.”

Cha Ching’s onboard comforts and amenities have proved to be a major hit with the couple, as Nadia pointed out. “We have freezers and fridges on board and plenty of space. It’s been very accommodating for a center console boat. Everything is well made. The bathroom is wonderful and has very good quality fittings and great craftsmanship. The space downstairs, overall, is excellent because Pursuit kept it nice and wide. It’s very comfortable for a couple to spend a few nights onboard. We’ve previously even done three or four nights.”

She also highlighted their boat’s performance as a real selling point. “We’re not interested in going 50 knots anymore, so it’s perfect for us because you can get 25 or 30 knots out of the boat without pushing the engines, all day long. Plus, she’s always been a good, safe boat - and we’ve really put her through some sea conditions that others wouldn’t have!”


Family - both real and inherited

family cha ching

The couple is grandparents to four beautiful grandchildren who also love spending time onboard Cha Ching with them, but thanks to their ownership of a Pursuit boat, the couple can now also call themselves part of the exclusive but awesome Pursuit family. “I love the people - the other owners,” said Nadia. “I particularly love meeting other Pursuit owners at the Pursuit Owners Rendezvous events. You get to meet a lot of people who are compatible with your lifestyle and have similar interests. It’s a family; it’s very helpful for us as owners to be so connected with the factory and the brand.”

Thanks to the couple’s connection with Pursuit and its community of owners, Nadia and Bill are already eyeing another Pursuit boat to replace Cha Ching. “We’re interested in the OS 445 but I haven’t seen it in person yet, so I’m anxious to see it at an upcoming show. We love the fact that it would be able to accommodate another couple or a friend, and we’re interested in its triple-outboard propulsion package. But I also have to see it because it has to have the looks and the comfort, too. I like looks, comfort and everything!” she said, chuckling.


Enquire today

Although the Pursuit S 408 is no longer being manufactured, we have a comprehensive range of center console boats, dual console boats and offshore enclosed helm boats that are designed to suit every need. To find the right boat for your next upgrade, contact your nearest authorized Pursuit dealer, or contact us and we’ll put you in touch with them.

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