Pursuit 2023 Rendezvous: Owner Interview with Steve Biegacki

Pursuit 2023 Rendezvous: Owner Interview with Steve Biegacki

Aerial shot of Pursuit Boats rendezvousing in the Bahamas.

Fun in the Abacos!

Every year, we invite our Pursuit family - owners of Pursuit Boats - to join us for our annual Pursuit Rendezvous, an exclusive and thrilling adventure together, which in July 2023 took place in the island paradise of the Bahamas.

The routes we take to get there and the final destinations as well as the activities involved once we arrive change every year. But one thing stays the same: It’s always fun, exciting and an extremely good time!

The Location

Pursuit Boats travel to the Abacos.

For this year’s 2023 Pursuit Rendezvous, we traveled to the Abacos, an exceptional destination for boating enthusiasts.

Billed as the ‘Boating capital of the Bahamas’, the Abacos island chain is a boating, fishing and sailing paradise. Offering breathtaking beaches, epic fishing opportunities and crystal-clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling and diving, the Abacos was the perfect location for our Pursuit family adventure.

The Abacos consists of a chain of islands and cays spanning 120 miles over North, Central and South Abaco. They host a variety of premium accommodations that surround fantastic marinas comfortably able to host a variety of boats and yachts.

A group of our attendees departed Fort Pierce, FL on Sunday, July 16 and arrived at the Abaco Beach Resort on Monday, July 17.

During our stay at the Resort, we enjoyed various activities, including sunset dinners and informative seminars hosted by some of our top vendors.

One of the most important benefits that we gain from spending time with Pursuit Owners is the feedback that they give us about how they use their boats, what they love about their boats and even what they’d recommend that we change or adjust in future models.

Amidst the busy schedule in the Abacos, we convinced one Pursuit owner to sit down and chat with Pursuit’s Director of Brand Management, Mark Taiclet.

Meet: Steve Biegacki

Steve Biegacki aboard hi Pursuit DC  326.

Steve Biegacki is the proud owner of a brand new Pursuit DC 326. Having only just taken delivery of his boat two months prior to the Rendezvous, he was still getting to know his gleaming new machine, but that didn’t stop him from joining in for the rendezvous.

“This is actually our second Pursuit Rendezvous,” Steve admitted. “We came along as guests of friends last year to Captiva and had such a great time that that’s what prompted us to come back this year. It’s been quite an adventure so far - a very good adventure!”

He explained that while the unique oceanic topography in the Abacos was intimidating at first, the thorough planning from the organizers and the presence of so many other Pursuit owners, put his mind at ease. “I’ve never been here to the Abacos specifically before,” he said. “Being over here is a little unnerving because of how shallow it is - much more than I’m used to, but you guys developed a great route here.

“Driving here now as an owner of my own boat was especially cool. It’s an opportunity to get some practice and especially to lay down some tracks (waypoints) with the boat’s Garmin system, which was pretty helpful.”

The SUV of the Sea

DC 326 running shot.

The Pursuit DC 326 is a fantastic, highly capable, luxuriously comfortable dual console boat that is perfect for couples, families and friends. It’s specifically designed and engineered to be equally comfortable fishing as it is cruising, as Steve confirmed during our conversation with him. “When my kids come down over the holidays to visit us, we go out fishing because they love fishing and so do my grandkids. My wife and I aren’t really the biggest fishermen as we just prefer cruising, but the boat serves both purposes equally well. So, for us, the DC 326 is a great setup that allows us to go fishing or go out cruising pretty far and have no issues,” he continued. “It’s like the SUV of the sea!”

Steve’s assessment of his boat is exactly what our teams envisioned when we engineered the DC 326. Built on the reputation of the highly popular DC 325 that preceded it, the DC 326 features a fully integrated fiberglass hardtop with a tempered glass windshield, thoughtfully designed storage and starboard hull side door, all featuring the distinctive aesthetic of Pursuit’s Dual Console Boat series.

The combination of deck space, luxurious ample seating, protection from the elements and great accommodation continue to prove a winning combination for our customers. For example, you can read our previous interview with New Jersey native Stan Watts, owner of a Pursuit DC 295. He told us all about how the protection offered by the Dual Console layout enables him and his crew to go fishing all year round.

Steve echoed Stan’s compliments. “The Dual Console layout is perfect for our needs. It allows us to get out of the sun and rain, plus the boat performs great in all conditions. It’s been a great fit for us.”

Rendezvous with us

Pursuit Boats raft up at rendezvous in the Bahamas.

At Pursuit, we believe that quality time spent on the water with family is priceless. When you buy a Pursuit Boat, you gain a new family - the Pursuit family and just like any good family, we make sure that we spend time together.

That’s exactly why we arrange our annual Pursuit Rendezvous. The event is packed full of fun activities, educational seminars by our vendors, breathtaking scenery and unforgettable adventures on the water going off to places many of our owners have never visited before. All the while, you’ll be in the company of like-minded Pursuit owners who love boating and love Pursuit as much as we do.

If you’re ready to join the Pursuit Family, contact your nearest authorized Pursuit Boats dealer to arrange a sea trial or simply contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one.

An aerial view of Pursuit Boats at a rendezvous in the Bahamas.