Pursuit Boats: Just Add Water

Pursuit Boats: Just Add Water

Pursuit Boats: Found everywhere from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and beyond

Remember the day you took delivery of your Pursuit boat?

Of course you do.

The night before was anything but ordinary. Even though you won't admit it, we know you felt a bit - okay, a lot - like when you were a kid on Christmas Eve.

You impatiently willed the hours to pass and the sun to rise.

Then the big day came and it was time to head to your Pursuit Boats dealer to meet your boat. Walking through the dealership's door, you put on an impressively stoic, mature adult face. But we know that inside, your inner kid was jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear with excitement.

All of our customers have been there. They've all felt what you felt.


We Understand

Pursuit boats moving forward down the production line.

Because we've felt it, too. After all, we go to work every day to make your dream come true, by giving people that same adrenaline rush you felt when the sales manager handed you the keys to your gleaming new boat.

Now that you've owned it for a while, we want to make sure that your boat continues to make you feel the way you felt on that first day that you met.

How? Well, with one simple ingredient:


Pursuit Boats are lovingly engineered to deliver high-performance luxury and freedom on the water every time you get behind the controls. And aside from you, the only thing needed is simply water. Your Pursuit will do the rest.


Built for Adventure

Pursuit Boats S 428 Sport Center Console in Bimini, Bahamas

Your Pursuit boat is designed to go out there and be enjoyed in so many different ways. Whether you prefer to use it for cruising, fishing, longer trips, overnighting in exotic anchorages, or simply spending time with loved ones on the water, your Pursuit is ready to do what it is intended for: To deliver years of memories and boating fun.


It's time to go boating

To help nudge you along to get onboard and get out there, we've collected some of our top owner experience stories from across our blog. We hope that these owners' enthusiasm for boating on their Pursuit is contagious. Most of all, we hope that it encourages you to get out there and make some of your own new memories onboard your boat.

Let's check out some of the things they love doing with their boats.


Pursuit Boats Annual Rendezvous

Pursuit Owner Rendezvous in Abacos, Bahamas

Every year, we host our Pursuit Owners Rendezvous, a breathtaking, fun-filled tour of exotic locations in and around Florida and the Bahamas. Open to Pursuit Boat owners only, the event is an exciting opportunity to meet other passionate Pursuit boat owners as well as staff from the Pursuit Boats factory in Fort Pierce. We even bring along vendor representatives who host informative workshops to help you get the most out of your onboard equipment.

The event is a relaxing and safe way to visit new, beautiful locations that many of our owners were perhaps apprehensive to travel to on their own or simply never thought to visit.

Our owners love attending this event because it's an opportunity to safely enjoy boating in waters you might not normally cruise, while enjoying amazing food and beautiful scenery, all while meeting new people and possibly even making new friends for life. Read Pursuit owner Steve Biegacki's thoughts on the 2023 Rendezvous here and then get in touch with us to book your place for the next trip. We'd love to have you with us!


Get Hooked on the Pursuit of Fishing

Brandon Weitz holds a striped bass he caught on his Pursuit Boat

Pursuit Boats excel as offshore fishing platforms. Whether you own a Sport Center Console model, a Dual Console Pursuit or one of our Offshore Series yachts, your boat is equipped with a range of fittings and features that make it perfect for landing big catches from any species your heart desires.

And thanks to Pursuit's famously robust engineering, you can rest assured that your boat will get you to the fishing grounds and back home safely and most of all, comfortably.


Fishing with Pursuit Owners

Stanly Watts on his Pursuit Boat with a Grouper.


To inspire you to go fishing, read our interview with fishing enthusiast and Pursuit owner Stanley Watts. Stanley owns a 2020 Pursuit 295 Dual Console named 'The Chieftain'. Fishing out of New Jersey, Stanley and his crew regularly go far offshore in search of Tuna (yellow- and bluefin), Mahi and Wahoo. When he's not powering The Chieftain over the horizon to the Canyons, he can be found aboard his boat socializing with friends at the local sandbar.

And in case you think that Stanley's northeast fishing adventures are unique, read our interview with Brandon Weitz here. Brandon, whose family owns a fully-equipped Pursuit OS 385, is a passionate sport fisherman. When he's not rubbing shoulders with Long Island's fishing fraternity at the local bait and tackle shop, he can be found up to 100 miles offshore at the Canyons catching Striped Bass, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Bassfin.


Go on an Adventure

The Strange Family owns a Pursuit Boat Sport Center Console S 428

Pursuit Boats are great for much more than fishing. Just ask Christine and Tony Strange, owners of Strange Pursuit, a gorgeous Pursuit Sport Center Console S 428. Instead of fishing, Christine and Tony prefer to use their boat for going on adventurous cruises up and down the coast.

From their beach house in Pensacola, Florida with its private dock and boat lift, the Strange Family enjoys cruising, sunbathing, swimming and generally exploring new places - including using the boat to cruise to dinner at coastal restaurants. As Tony said, "The boat is equally good at everything we do with it," and we couldn't agree more.

During their interview with us, the Strange family highlighted the boat's versatile table and seating configuration as well as the swim platform and the air conditioning, as some of the many reasons they love their Pursuit. But most of all, they love 'Strange Pursuit' for the memories they make while onboard. "The boat creates an opportunity for us to get away as a family," Christine recalled, adding: "It's hard to get 20-something-year-olds interested in doing something with their parents, so the boat becomes a great opportunity for us to stay connected with (their son) Jake."

So, even if you're not an avid fishing enthusiast, your Pursuit Boat still gives you plenty of reasons to get out on the water!


Making Memories with People and Pure. Pursuit.

Pursuit DC 246 Dual Console Fishing Boat

As a Pursuit boat owner, you are in a position many others envy: You can climb aboard a luxurious, high-performance boat packed with yacht-quality finishes and features from one of America's top boat manufacturers. And we hope that after reading the owner stories we've featured here, you'll be inspired to do exactly that.

And when you do, be sure to contact us to tell us all about how you're enjoying your boat and what you've been doing on it. We love hearing your stories, and we especially love featuring them here. So don't be shy! Get out there today and then get in touch.